Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a septic system?

Generally $8,000 - 11,000 for an existing 3-4 bedroom home

$12,000 - 20,000 for new construction of a 3-4 bedroom home

There are many factors to consider including soil condition, placement of house, lot size, etc.

How do I pay?

Olivo Excavating takes credit card, cash or check

Will I be without service?

Depends on the situation, but usually 3-4 hours without service.

Will my yard be destroyed? 

There's no doubt that we will be doing quite a bit of digging in your yard to accommodate the new system. Olivo Excavating will final grade to original condition.

Does the septic system come with warranty?

The manufacturer of the aeration septic systems provides a 2 year 100%, 5 year pro rated mechanical parts.




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